My approach to treatment is three-dimensional, it combines massage techniques and traditional knowledge to improve the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of each person

A therapeutic massage is one in which both client and practitioner have a shared goal of achieving structural changes within the body, generally through a series of regular massages. It understands the human being as a unity between body, mind, and spirit. Each treatment is tailored to the person’s preferences and specific needs


What is an Abdominal Sacral Massage?

Abdominal Sacral Massage is a non-invasive therapeutic treatment. It involves a slow, deep, external treatment of the abdomen, lower back and sacrum to soften muscles, help free and align congested organs and therefore  the flow of blood, lymph, and nerve pathways. In women, the position of the uterus may be adjusted and in men, the treatment helps promote prostate health.


Treatment helps to bring the organs within the abdominal area back into alignment, releasing pressure and strengthening the surrounding muscles and ligaments within the pelvic area and therefore improve circulation.


  • Increases the functioning of the digestive system

  • Reduce bloating

  • Relieves stress and pain

  • Relieves constipation

  • Weight loss

  • Improves gastrointestinal wellness

  • Increases abdominal muscle tone

Benefits for women

  • Assists with healing after a miscarriage or difficult pregnancy.

  • Assists in regulating menstruation and ovulation

  • Relieves painful menstrual cycles and ovulation

  • Helps balance hormones

  • Promotes healthy menstruation and reduces abnormal uterine bleeding

  • Alleviates symptoms of PMS, pre-menopause, and menopause

  • Aids in dissolving ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids

  • Prevents the reoccurrence of bladder and/or yeast infections

  • Helps ease the symptoms of conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovarian disorder/ syndrome (PCOD or PCOS).

Benefits for men

  • Promotes prostate health

  • Prevent swelling and inflammation

  • Alleviates symptoms of prostatitis

  • Helps prevent  of bladder infection

  • Eases painful ejaculation

  • Reduces burning sensations in the pelvis



What is Emotional Stress Therapy?

A full-body treatment involving soft music, soft lighting, Greek herbals teas, a space for a deep conversation about yourself, a moment to reflect, express and share your anguish, your fears, your dreams and your yearnings  (this only if the person wants to talk about themselves).


You will have a gentle massage with aromatic oils. All kinds of techniques will be used including long strokes, gentle kneading and rolling of skin and muscle.


It is a passive treatment that can help you alleviate and understand the physical and emotional imbalances that you suffer as a result of experiencing stressful or traumatic situations.


All this complemented by the intake of herbal teas that assist the body to eliminate toxins, increases its immunity, and promote a sense of calm and inner well-being. The herbs I use grow naturally in the mountains of Lesvos Island in Greece and they have been collected manually, following ancient practices of drying and storage to preserve their medicinal properties.

All have long-proven medicinal properties that provide health and balance for the body without side effects. The most common Greek herbs are: Mountain chamomile, Valerian root, Balsamo (St John´s Wort), Faskomilo (sage), Sideritis (Greek mountain tea), Olive Leaves and Mint.

Contexts in which this therapy can be used.

Any person at any stage of their lives may need to resort to Emotional Stress Therapy.

Massage therapies are an excellent way to face physical and emotional problems; caused by excess of stress or traumatic event that has not been completely resolved.

In my experience, this type of therapy is highly recommended for women, because it approaches holistically to deal with physical, emotional and social aspects of the female world. With this therapy, we can actually deal with important issues such as post  depressions, menopause transition, menstrual cycle, psychological support after a divorce etc.



Your feet do a lot for you. They carry you around all day, bear the brunt of your morning jog and endure countless evenings in uncomfortable and restrictive shoes.

Foot massage is a simple and effective method to relax your body and mind. It is based on the tenets of foot reflexology and involves applying pressure on key points of the foot to get benefits.



Foot massage promotes relaxation and relieves pressure by rubbing the muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, and joints of the feet.


  • Foot massage can help to relieve anxiety and induce deep relaxation.

  • Treats Edema: swelling legs due to a fluid retention.

  • Prevent future injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

  • Foot massage removes blockages to enable proper energy flow throughout the body. This can give you more energy and vitality to perform daily tasks.

  • Foot massage reduces stress and facilitates unimpeded blood flow throughout the body.

  • Foot massage heals and relaxes our body and mind, and protects against stress-related ailments.


What is Feet Massage?


Head massage is a therapeutic treatment.  oil is massaged throughout the scalp, working to relax tight muscles in the temple and neck regions.


To relieve stress, promote reduction in headaches and migraines, and stimulate blood flow.


  • Helps prevent migraines, headaches and back pain.

  • It helps relax the scalp and increase pliability

  • It lubricates and conditions the scalp, helping prevent flakes and dry scalp without the use of harsh chemical shampoos.

  • It helps enhance blood circulation in the head and neck area. When the scalp is "tight" from stress, circulation and hair growth are impeded.

  • It helps soften and condition the hair, making it more manageable.

  • It helps strengthen the roots of the hair and nourishes the hair-shafts, promoting new hair growth and strengthening current hair.

  • Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia.

  • energy levels.

  • Boosts memory capabilities.


What is a Head Massage?


A relaxation massage helps de-stress and loosen up your body and is great for those who have had a hard week at work. The treatment consists of flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulations of the muscles performed at your chosen pressure. It is a pain-free way to relax both your muscles and your mind.


Reduce stress by lowering the heart rate and reducing levels of insulin and cortisol.


  • Relieves stress and muscles tension

  • Deep sense of wellbeing.

  • Improves blood circulation,

  • Improves oxygen to organs and skin

  • Moves fluid through the lymphatic system.

  • Improves food digestion and eliminate toxins.

  • Improves sleep.

  • A massage will also help un-knot any muscles, soothe aches and sprains and encourage the skin to heal minor abrasions.

Physical symptoms of stress include:

Low energy, Headaches, Upset stomach (including diarrhea), constipation, and nausea. Aches, pains, and tense muscles. Chest pain and rapid heartbeat. Insomnia.

Frequent colds and infections. Loss of sexual desire and/or ability.

Emotional signs of stress include:

Depression or general unhappiness. Anxiety and agitation. Moodiness, irritability, or anger. Feeling overwhelmed. Loneliness and isolation. Other mental or emotional health problems.


What is Relaxation Massage?


The application of specific and treatment oriented massage techniques to a professional athlete or sports person who perform regular physical activities, with the purpose of enhancing the athlete’s preparation for, or recovery from the physical demands of training or competition.

Contexts in which sports massage can be used.

Athletes and sports people will often use massage services between training sessions and events as part of their physical maintenance. They will also sometimes seek sports massage services to help them prepare for, or recover from a competition or event. Local teams, clubs and individual athletes can benefit from sports massage.

Maintenance Sports Massage Treatment.



To meet a range of needs. To recovery from injuries.


It can promote recovery from injury; It can assist with management of soft tissue dysfunction; It can assist relaxation and recovery from a training session; It can improve posture and alignment; Different techniques can be used to create different effects; Assess and treat minor injure before it becomes worse; Help reduce the risk of injury; Fine tune treatments with specific techniques with trigger points and areas of stress; Relieve tender areas before they become a problem.

Pre-event Sports Massage treatment



To optimize performance, duration 10-20 minutes.


Physiological: It assists the circulation of blood flow to the muscles, and increases delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles,thus encouraging freer movements of the joints and preparing them for the activity. It can reduce physical tension prior to an event and/or be used to increase tone which helps the body become more invigorated and prepared.

Mental: To encourage general relaxation or readiness, reduce anxiety/competition stress, increase feelings of well being, increase alertness and mental clarity, boost confidence (“Inside Edge”), used for mental preparation (rehearsal, visualization, focus).

Inter-event Sports Massage treatment.



To cool down from a previous athletic performance and prepare for the next one. Duration 10-20 minutes, between events depending on the event timings.


Physiological: It assists the circulation of blood and the removal of metabolic waste during the intervals between events. It also helps to reduce muscles tightness, by applying passive stretching, it keeps muscles warm, assists in reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), and maintains muscle and joint flexibility.

Mental: Sports massage techniques can be used to relax or invigorate the client depending on their specific needs.

Post-event Sports Massage treatment.



To assists recovery after an event, can be performed a few hours after the event.


Physiological: To assist the removal of metabolic waste products (lactic acid), help with lymphatic drainage, and aid recovery and restoration. It also helps in identifying any new or prospective injury sites.

Mental: To promote relaxation and help the athlete or sports person detach from the performance and unwind, to create a state of peace.


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