“What characterises Fabiola is that she doesn't just rely on a technique-which she knows perfectly-but she also knows how to "find the other", to connect with him or her and to lead them in deeper levels of themselves than the body level. From the first session with her I felt great trust, tenderness and wisdom that made me feel that I am being nurtured, supported but most important of all reconnected with myself”

Deppy Volika, Psychotherapist.


Spyros Ampélas. (Lesvos, Greece)


 Après une fracture de la malléole externe de la cheville gauche en décembre 2016, j'ai présenté une algodystrophie d u membre inférieur, avec sensation de brûlure cutanée intense, rougeur et oedème. Avec l'ablation du plâtre, le traitement a associé antalgiques, douches écossaises et séances de massage par Fabiola (une dizaine). Les massages portaient sur les deux membres inférieurs et duraient plus d'une heure à domicile. Le résultat a été spectaculaire dès les premières séances. Merci Fabiola et bravo!

Sian Clarke. (Bristol, England)


Fabiola is incredibly attentive and thorough in her assessment and treatment. I would highly recommend her.

Joana Feris (Bristol, England)


Fabiola was my therapist for years. She is very professional and kind. I recommend her to everybody who needs healing through body massage. It really helped me.

Pablo Aguayo Westwood (Santiago, Chile)


Fabiola es una excelente masajista, se toma todo el tiempo necesario contigo. En mi caso identificó con facilidad los lugares de mis contracturas y logró aliviar el dolor. Muy recomendable.

Popi Kouloni (Lesvos, Greece)


Η εμπειρία του μασάζ με την Fabiola είναι απίστευτη. Βρήκε όλα τα σημεία που με ενοχλούσαν στην πλάτη και στα ποδια και μετά από τη συνεδρία το μόνο που αισθάνεσαι είναι ηρεμία. Ευχαριστώ πολύ.

Gabriela Zapata Román (Manchester, England)


I have received massages for many years, and I can say that Fabiola is the best therapist that I have ever had. She gave me massages to reduce my constant headaches when I was living in Bristol (relaxation) and I have also received the deep tissue massage. Now that she is living in Lesvos I've traveled to the island to receive her therapies three times. I strongly recommend Fabiola and all the therapies that she provides.

Lucero Peralta. (Bristol, England)


Fabiola was my massage therapist in Bristol when I was pregnant. She used the most natural oils made by herself. I owe her not having any stretch marks. She continues being my therapist after pregnancy. I highly recommend Fabiola to anyone wanting to be looked after by someone who really cares about your massage experience. Affordable prices for a magnificent service

Indira Román. (Bristol, England)


Fabiola, una excelente masajista.  He tenido la oportunidad de verme con ella en varias ocasiones y me ha curado, ya que he sufrido mucho con mi espalda y con mucha paciencia, dedicación y amor hace de un momento de relajación total. 
Muy recomendada.

Soaz Jerič Madec. (Lesvos, Greece)


Fabiola est très professionnel, ces massages font énormément de bien. Je conseil fortement à tous ce qui en ont besoin d'y aller.

Christina Panagiotou. (Athens, Greece)


Fabiola is an incredible therapist whose empathy and talent can only be paralleled by her professionalism and care with which she approaches her clients. She helped alleviate shooting pains in my back and neck areas that had severely reduced my mobility. During her sessions she creates a blissfully relaxing atmosphere that helps you let go of all your troubles. Also, her leg and foot massages are basically heaven!!!

Katerina Mast. (Lesvos, Greece)


Θεωρώ ότι αυτά τα χέρια κάνουν θαύματα και η Fabiola ως θεραπεύτρια μεταδίδει ηρεμία και χαλάρωση.Πάσχω από αυχενικό σύνδρομο και είδα βελτίωση.Επίσης ειναι εξαιρετικός άνθρωπος!

Sophia (Lesvos, Greece)


“The pain in my arm was very debilitating but it was as if I had accepted the situation. Probably I secretly believed that nothing could change since I didn't even want to receive medical advice for my problem. A friend of mine took me to Fabiola. I honestly didn't believe that I would receive the help I did. I have done three sessions and I have seen a huge difference in my hand. The pain has been seriously reduced and is only in the thumb when before it was in the whole arm. I know that if I could rest and refrain from doing hard work with my arm-as she explicitly asked me to do-it would be completely healed. I am honestly very grateful for the help she offered me and for the way she approached my problem”


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