“Combine modern massage techniques with ancestor traditional knowledge is the key to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual health of people”

I stand out for being a charismatic, empathic, and enthusiastic person. My professionalism and commitment make people feel safe, comfortable, and open to receive treatment. My fundamental principles are based on respect, trust, and a good communication between the client and the therapist; this makes the treatment effective and pleasant.


Since childhood, I have had the privilege of being in contact with people who practise Traditional Massage Therapies and Alternative Medicine. My mother and grandmothers transmitted to me this ancestral knowledge that is a heritage of the Mapuche indigenous people of Southern Chile. My mother used to take me on her journeys through the forest in search of medicinal plants that she then selected, dried, and stored for medicinal use for the whole family.


My grandmother, who was a "Meica"(name that was given to the healers of southern Chile), taught me how to use medicinal plants and massage techniques to treat stomach problems in children and adults. My grandmother treated mainly infants who had digestive problems including intense diarrhea, constipation, and fever (usually as a result of consuming milk in poor condition, food that had not been properly cooked, or food that their young bodies could not digest).


The treatment consisted of massaging the abdominal region to stimulate the movement of substances in the intestines. Then a massage was performed on the back, with special attention to the sacral and lumbar areas, followed by the application of pressure between each vertebra. Finally, she would stretch the connective tissue along the spine to stimulate nerve terminals that pass through each vertebra and restore intestinal transit.


At the end of the massage session, the patient had to take a purgative made of potato juice, lemon juice, and oil, followed by a period of fasting, when they would also drink herbal medicine and sleep to allow the body to regain its natural balance.


All the Alternative Medicine practices that I learned from my mother and grandmothers have enriched my understanding of health and my training as an adult.I have trained in the UK as a Sports Massage Therapy – which requires the study of Anatomy, Physiology, and complex applications of Western medicine. I believe that the combination of my ancestral knowledge with my modern scientific education has given me many tools that I can use for the benefit of the health and well-being of others.



I have worked in the field of Massage Therapy for over 8 years. I have had the opportunity to work in South America (Chile, Argentina) England and Greece.Working in different countries has given me a diversity of experience which has helped me develop the techniques and skills to work with different types of people.


In South America, my work as a therapist was  focused on women.I was involved with women's and indigenous organisations that promote the use of ancestral medicinal practices as a way to recover their culture and traditions.

These groups of women taught me the great value and role of women in a community. It is the woman who treasures the medicinal knowledge of the community and it is she who transmits this knowledge to the new generations. For this reason I feel a great responsibility and commitment when I work with women. This work was an opportunity for growth and learning both as a therapist and as a human being.


In England I worked for  2 years in my private practice and also as a Sports Massage therapist for the organisation Hands On "physical therapies and well being". It reated people who practie sports regularly, such as climbing, tennis, swimming, running, cycling, football and rugby.  

For a periord of a year, I was the sports massage therapist of a well-know fitness instructor: Pilo Selguera Peso, also Director of PILOEXERCISE Ltda. Bristol, UK.


In the Greek island of Lesvos, I worked for 3 years as a massage therapist at the Hammam - Mesagros Turkish bath that was restored in 2009 to become a unique place where the past mixes with the present and offers an ideal atmosphere to relax and release the stress of modern life.


I also worked in my private practice, offering massage treatment to tourists and locals. This period was a great professional enrichment because I had the opportunity to treat injuries, and muscular dysfunctions of local people laboring hard on the fields and olive groves.


Treatment cases included:

  1. Calcify tendonitis shoulder (rotator cuff calcific tendonitis);

  2. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which causes pain, "burning" sensation, discoloration, tenderness, swelling and vasomotor dysfunction of an extremity and is often the result of trauma or a surgery.


I stand out for being a charismatic, emphatic and enthusiastic person. My professionalism and commitment make people feel safe, comfortable and open to receive treatment. My fundamental principle  based on respect, trust and good communication between the client and the therapist; this makes the treatment effective and pleasant.



VTCT Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

at The Manchester School of Massage

Introduction to Sports & Remedial Massage
at Sports Therapy - The Massage Training School

ISRM Certificate

at Institute of Sport & Remedial Massage

Certificate of Deep Tissue Techniques
at The Manchester School of Massage

Certificate of Stretching Techniques

at The Manchester School of Massage

Certificade of Seated Acupressure Techniques

at Touch Pro UK


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